11.8.3 Other miscellaneous preparations

  • 79,000 - 316,000 cells/cm2 living tissue equivalent


  1. NICE TA467: Holoclar (ex vivo expanded autologous human corneal epithelial cells containing stem cells) is recommended as an option in people with moderate to severe limbal stem cell deficiency after eye burns, only if the criteria specified in NICE TA467 are met (August 2017).
Voretigene neparvovec
  • Concentrate and solvent for solution for injection 5 x 1012 vg/ml


  1. NICE HST11: Voretigene neparvovec (Luxturna) is recommended as an option for treating RPE65-mediated inherited retinal dystrophies in people with vision loss caused by inherited retinal dystrophy from confirmed biallelic RPE65 mutations and who have sufficient viable retinal cells (October 2019)
  • NICE TA532: Cenegermin is not recommended, within its marketing authorisation, for treating moderate or severe neurotrophic keratitis in adults (July 2018).


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