13.11.5 Oxidisers and dyes

Hydrogen peroxide
  • Cream 1% 25g, 40g (£8.07, £6.16)

Indications and dose


(Potassium permanganate)

  • Tablets for cutaneous solution 400mg (£17.50 = 30 tablets)


  1. One tablet to be dissolved in 4 litres of water to provide a 0.01% (1 in 10,000) solution
  2. Do not use a ceramic basin or bath, keep out of contact with fabric as it stains
  3. Potassium permanganate should initially be used as a 1:32,000 solution. To obtain a 1:32,000 solution:
    1. Pour 400ml of very warm water into a heat resistant container
    2. Dissolve one Permitab in the warm water
    3. Dilute 15.6ml of this solution with water to 500ml. This will result in a 1:32,000 solution of potassium permanganate
  4. Prescribers should avoid use of "as directed" on prescriptions. It is recommended that the dose instruction should state: "Not to be taken. To be diluted and used as a soak for the skin".
  5. A patient safety alert has been issued by NHS England to raise awareness of the risk of death or serious harm from accidental ingestion of potassium permanganate preparations. It can be fatal if ingested orally. Although packaging clearly states potassium permanganate should not be swallowed, it is very unusual for a topical preparation to come in a tablet form. When accidental ingestion has occurred, staff must treat it as a medical emergency.


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