5.3.6 Other antiviral drugs

From 3rd July 2020, an interim clinical commissioning policy has been put in place to define routine access to remdesivir in the treatment of COVID-19 across the UK.

  • Concentrate for solution for infusion 5mg/ml vials
  • Powder for concentrate for solution for infusion vials 100mg


  1. Remdesivir is recommended as a treatment option for patients hospitalised with COVID-19 (adults and children aged 12 years and older) in accordance with the criteria set out in the policy document (July 2020) (see interim clinical commissioning policy for more details). The policy includes additional eligibility criteria which apply during times of limited supply (notifications of supply disruption from the DHSC and NHSE will be shown below).
  2. CAS supply disruption alert (issued 29 September 2020): due to increased demand against supply, clinicians are advised to apply the full eligibility criteria for remdesivir (including criteria which apply during times of limited supply) and to prescribe a maximum treatment course of 5 days. See alert for more details.
  3. A CAS alert (issued 03 September 2020) includes updated information on the co-administration of corticosteroids (see alert for more details)
Last updated: 02-10-2020


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