UCR Urgent Crisis Response - Western locality

Key Messages

UCR is designed to:
  • Prevent unnecessary admissions to hospital or long-term/residential care
  • Provide a robust multi-agency 2-hour crisis response
  • Reduce the duration of hospital admissions for patients requiring intermediate care
  • Support people in crisis to remain in their usual place of residence and improve people’s outcomes
Crisis is defined as:

An acute change in an individual’s circumstances leading to an increased need in health, or health and social care need which if not supported would lead to admission to a more acute setting within 24-48 hours.

Referral criteria

  • 18 or over years of age


  • registered with a Plymouth GP or be out of area but attending UHP’s Acute Assessment Unit


  • have health or eligible social care needs (meeting intermediate care criteria) that would require hospital admission within 48 hours without the support of the UCR

Typically support provided by the UCR should not last more than six weeks. Most episodes will be much shorter than this, for example 1-2 weeks following acute treatment for pneumonia, or 2-3 weeks following treatment for hip fracture.

The UCR team has a variety of healthcare professionals within, including:

  • Registered general nurses
  • Registered mental health nurses
  • Community care workers
  • Social workers
  • Occupational therapists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Paramedics
  • Acute Response Practitioners (ARP’s) - trained to examine, diagnose and formulate treatments plans. Generally, these visits will be requested by a GP/SWAST

Out of scope:

  • The UCR service is not appropriate for patients requiring a long-term increase to existing support or long-term care provision and are not in crisis.
  • Patients requiring package of care +/- placements for end-of-life care should be referred via St Luke’s Hospice, not the UCR.

To respond to acute increase demands within UHP, the UCR team will visit the Emergency Department, acute assessment unit and short stay wards as part of the admission avoidance initiative.

Red Flags

ED or 999 should continue to be used for life threatening injuries and illnesses 

Urgent Advice and Referral

The UCR team work 7-days a week, between the hours of 0800-2000, inclusive of bank holidays.

To make an enquiry about a person open to the CCRT please call 01752 434747

Referrals are taken from 0800-1800 via telephone (01752 437 777 – option 6).

  • Clinician to clinician telephone referral between 0800-1800 are desirable and encouraged as this is a high-risk group of patients
    • Voicemail service is available. Out of hours any messages left shall be actioned the next working day.
  • Out of hours (1800-0759) please email Livewell.CCRTPathway@nhs.net
    • Please include GP patient summary/ SWAST/OOH report within the referral email.
    • Referrals sent out of hours will be processed the following working day

If there is any concern regarding the safety of the patient, then please discuss with the acute trust as usual.

Supporting Information

Pathway Group

This guideline has been signed off by the Urgent Care team on behalf of NHS Devon CCG.

Publication date: March 2021


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