COVID-19: Haematology service guide

November 2020


This information provides guidance on the management of Haematology patients across Western Devon during the Covid-19 pandemic. The information is based on national guidance from the British society of haematology, BSBMTCT and Blood Wise which includes regularly updated resources for patients and health care professionals.

​2WW referrals

  • Only patients with suspected lymphoma and myeloma should be referred via the two week wait route ensuring pathology results are included
  • Chronic Lymphoid Leukaemia is not an indication for a two week wait referral
  • Acute leukaemia will normally be picked up by secondary care

e-Referral Service Selection:

  • Specialty: 2WW
  • Clinic type: 2WW Haematology
  • Service: DRSS-Western-2WW Haematological- Devon CCG-15N

Conditions with specific guidance

Acute Leukaemia

  • If a blood film suggests an acute leukaemia please arrange an immediate admission via the on call haematologist who is contactable via switchboard telephone: 01752 202082

Routine referrals

All new routine referrals will be clinically triaged and will either be added to a waiting list or, if appropriate, A&G will be given.

Please ensure that a practice-based system is in place to check daily for returning referrals with A&G.

Prior to making a routine referral, please ensure that any appropriate Policy or CRG has been reviewed and that all the suggested investigations and management options have been considered. If an appointment is necessary, this will be arranged.

Existing new and follow-up routine appointments have changed to telephone / video consultation where appropriate. Where appropriate existing new appointments will be re-triaged by a consultant haematologist and advice given.

Urgent advice

For urgent advice, please send through the Advice & Guidance portal which is manned by a consultant haematologist on a daily basis (weekdays only). If urgent advice is needed outside of these, please contact haematology via switchboard telephone: 01752 202082

Risk factors for face-to-face review will be decided on case by case basis.

Advice & Guidance/Tele-haematology services

Advice and Guidance / tele-haematology services aim to maintain operation for non-2WW patients

High risk

Patients will be contacted by their haematology team with advice on shielding and social distancing, based on a national risk stratification grid of medication and comorbidities.

Pathway Group

This guideline has been signed off on behalf of the NHS Devon Clinical Commissioning Group

Last updated: 06-11-2020


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