Optimal Lung Cancer Pathway

Implementation of the Optimal Lung Cancer Pathway

Torbay Hospital

The suspected lung cancer pathway has been redesigned to fully implement the national optimal lung cancer pathway (NOLCP). The Trust currently requests urgent CT scans on behalf of the GP following suspicious chest X-ray findings, contacting the referring GP so they can inform the patient and book them as suspected cancer outpatient appointment with Respiratory.

From Tuesday 29 May, the referral process will change slightly. The referral process following suspicious chest X-ray findings will now be directed through NHS e-Referral Service (e-RS), using the following:

  • Priority: 2 Week Wait
  • Clinic Type: 2WW Lung
  • Service: 2WW Respiratory Medicine Clinical Assessment Service-TSDFT-South Devon-RA9

This service will replace the current directly bookable 2ww Lung service. Once the referral has taken place, the hospital team will review the CT report, along with the clinical information provided by the GP on the suspected lung cancer proforma, and arrange either an urgent appointment as a suspected cancer referral, arrange a routine/non-suspected cancer outpatient appointment in the general respiratory clinic, redirect the referral to the appropriate secondary care team or discharge to primary care with advice and guidance. All outcomes will be notified to the referring GP and patient.

Further details on the pathway are available here.

University Hospitals Plymouth (UHP)

From May 21st 2018, University Hospitals Plymouth (UHP) will be implementing the national optimal lung cancer pathway. To access this new pathway in ICE, please navigate to the 2WW referral tab and select Suspected Lung Cancer.

For practices who do not have access to ICE, the original pathway / 2WW form is still available.

Publication date: 25 May 2018


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