General information and contact details

The chemotherapy of cancer is complex and should be confined to specialists in oncology and haematology. However it is inevitable that patients actively undergoing chemotherapy will contact other doctors regarding their symptoms. Should you require any additional information regarding management please contact the numbers below.

For formulary Chemotherapy Induced Nausea and Vomiting guidance see here

Contacting Derriford Hospital


  • Bracken Unit (out of hours) and Birch Day Case Unit:
    • Bracken Unit (inpatient ward for patients with bone marrow transplant or acute leukaemia) 01752 245080
    • Birch Day Case Unit 01752 792679
    • Brent Ward (Haematology patients who do not require isolation room on Bracken) 01752 245084


  • Brent Ward (out of hours) and Oncology OP:
    • Brent Ward 01752 245084
    • Oncology Outpatients 01752 763969

Paediatric patients

  • Children's day beds 0845 1558120


  • Dispensary and bleep number and on-call pharmacist out of hours:
    • Dispensary 01752 439459
    • Oncology pharmacist via switchboard: pager 89337/ 779 0912
    • On-call pharmacist via switchboard 0845 1558155

Contacting Torbay Hospital

Haematology and oncology patients should contact Turner ward in the first instance. Calls are then triaged appropriately.

Wards and departments

  • Turner ward 01803 655527
  • Ricky Grant Day Unit 01803 655219
  • Oncology department 01803 655380


  • Pharmacy aseptic services 01803 655315
  • Dispensary 01803 655301
  • Oncology pharmacist 01803 655311 or bleep #6 233

Patients on chemotherapy at home

Patients may receive continuous infusions of chemotherapy via a portable infusion device at home. Patients are instructed of the 'do's and don'ts' with these devices.

If a patient presents with a blocked line or leaking device, advice should be sought from the appropriate ward / outpatient department.


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