Formulary Interface Group

The formulary is managed by the Devon Formulary Interface Group (FIG)

The FIG is a multi-stakeholder group whose membership is intended to reflect the needs of the local population and organisations involved.

Please see the Devon FIG Terms of Reference (February 2021) for more details on the functions, purpose of the group, and membership.

Prior to February 2021, the formulary was managed by the North and East (N&E) Devon FIG and the South and West (S&W) Devon FIG.

In February 2021, the two FIGs merged to form the Devon FIG.

See below for the minutes from the Devon FIG and the South & West Devon FIG meetings, and the annual reports for the Devon FIGs:

Devon FIG Minutes 2021

S&W Devon FIG Minutes 2017 - 2020

S&W and N&E Devon FIGs Annual Reports 2015 - 2020


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