Acute fractured nose


This guideline covers the primary care management of bilateral nasal obstruction for adults and children.

Red flags

  • Suspicion of septal haematoma

Refer via on call ENT consultant


Exclude septal haematoma
  • 5-7 days post injury for new external deformity. This allows for a degree of resolution of swelling and hence assesment for the requirement of MUA
  • If MUA potentially required should be seen by ENT within 7 days of injury as an MUA must be performed within 14 days of injury
  • Email urgent referral to ENT clearly marking BROKEN NOSE and timescale

Following an assessment with no evidence of a new external deformity the patient can be reviewed and managed in primary care.

Joint Formulary Chapter 12 ENT


Referral Criteria

GP assessment at 7 days post trauma

Referral Instructions

Same Day ENT assessment

Contact on call ENT consultant

Refer to ENT

Email referral to: clearly marking BROKEN NOSE in subject (do not send via e-Referrals as may delay definitive treatment)

Supporting information

Patient Information

Nasal fracture patient leaflet

Pathway Group

This guideline has been signed off by South Devon and Torbay CCG.

Publication date: October 2017


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