Paediatrics 2WW

This guidance covers the referral method for children and young people who present with symptoms and signs of cancer to a paediatrician or a specialist children's cancer service, if appropriate.

For children with suspected Skin Cancer, please see Skin 2WW Pathway.


Referral Instructions

Please make referral direct to Paediatric Team by telephone as this service is not provided on e-Referrals.

Consider referral when:

  • a child or young person presents with persistent back pain (an examination is needed and a full blood count and blood film)
  • there is persistent parental anxiety which is sufficient reason for referral, even where a benign cause is considered most likely
  • a child or young person presents several times (for example, three or more times) with the same problem, but with no clear diagnosis (investigations should also be carried out).

Take into account parental insight and knowledge when considering urgent referral

For Derriford Children's Cancer Service contact: Derriford Children's Cancer Service leaflet

Children and Young Peoples Outpatient Department ( Mon-Fri 8am-6pm): 01752 430927

Wildgoose Ward (Children's Ward): 01752 431653

Derriford Hospital Switchboard: 0845 155 8155 Or 01752 202082

Out of hours contract the on call paediatrician: 01752 432169


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