Knock Knees (Genu Valgum) in Children

Knock knees is when a child stands with their knees together and their ankles at least 2.5cm apart (intermalleolar distance). A gap of 6 – 7 cm between the ankles (intermalleolar distance) is normal between the ages of two and four years. Knock-knees usually resolve spontaneously approximately by the age of six years.


Referral Criteria

Referral is not necessary if the child is aged under 6 and the problem does not result in any pain

Consider referral for orthopaedic opinion if:-

  • the problem is associated with pain in the lower limb
  • the problem is asymmetrical

Referral Instructions

e-Referral Service Selection

  • Specialty: Children's and Adolescent Services
  • Clinic Type: Orthopaedics
  • Service: DRSS-Western-Child&Adolescent -Devon CCG-15N

Referral Forms

DRSS referral form

Supporting Information

Pathway Group

This guideline has been signed off by the Western Locality on behalf of NEW Devon CCG.

Publication date: May 2017


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