Pes Cavus – (High Arch) in Children

Pes Cavus is the opposite of flat feet and is when the arch is extremely pronounced. It is rarely seen as an isolated finding and is usually indicative of a neurological cause; therefore an urgent referral to paediatric orthopaedics or a paediatrician is the most appropriate action.


Referral Criteria

  • If only Pes Cavus is identified, refer to orthopaedics
  • If Pes Cavus is associated with a syndromic condition refer to Paediatrics

Referral Instructions

e-Referral Service Selection

  • Specialty: Children's and Adolescent Services
  • Clinic Type: Orthopaedics
  • Service: DRSS-Western-Child&Adolescent -Devon CCG-15N

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This guideline has been signed off by the Western Locality on behalf of NEW Devon CCG.

Publication date: May 2017


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