Wait times

The link below provides a useful summary of current average waiting times for outpatient appointments and treatment at our local hospitals.

Wait times - March 2020

You can access information on the national wait times on MyHealth-Devon: Waiting times

Wait times FAQs

What are percentiles?

50th percentile, in this case, means that 50% of patients are seen within x weeks. Likewise, for the 95th percentile 95% of patients are seen within y weeks.

Where has the data come from?

This data is produced by the acute providers showing a snapshot of their wait times for each specialty

When was the data last refreshed?

The data is dated at the top of each column, above the provider name. This shows the last time it was refreshed.

How regularly will this data be updated?

This data will be refreshed monthly.

What is the difference between Outpatient and Inpatient

Outpatient wait times show the number of weeks a patient is likely to wait for their first outpatient appointment. Inpatient wait times show the time they need to wait to have their procedure.

Why are some inpatient waits shorter than the wait time for the first outpatient?

This document shows that outpatient waits are almost always shorter than the wait for inpatient treatment. For the few occasions where inpatient waits are shorter than outpatients, it could be for a number of reasons. It could be that the sample size is small, and could depend on the mix of urgent/routine referrals at that time.

Updated: March 2020


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